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39.95 CHF

Attention! Get down and give me ketchup, do I look like Colonel Mustard to you? Barbecues just got serious with the Grill Sergeant portable BBQ. A brilliant army style portable BBQ guaranteed to lift the spirits after a hard week doing drills or fighting in the front line of the office work place. Small enough to be carried to wherever your party's been assigned for duty, the 12 inch BBQ is still tough enough to cook whatever you can throw at it. Designed like a classic American army sergeant, the Grill Sergeant BBQ pays homage to the films and culture of the 1970s and 80s, such as Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket. With big sunglasses and a no messing moustache, there's no doubting that from now on, food orders will be obeyed.


  • Completely portable! Take to the park, the beach, other people's houses... wherever!
  • The lid is a sergeant's helmet and has lid clips for easier and safer carrying
  • A great BBQ to inject some fun into proceedings
  • The sergeant will makesure all the food is cooked to a high standard
  • Measures approx. 44cm height x 30cm diameter

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