Grow A Dick


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Grow A Dick is a sassy little cube with a big surprise inside:  it’s everything you need to grow a girthy batch of capsicum annuum - AKA phallic chillies!

All you have do to bring your willy chillies to life is open the cube and pour a little water on the pre-planted seeds. Pop it in a bright, warm place and keep watering every so often to keep them moist - in 12-18 days, you’ll be seeing a red cock rising out of the soil. Mental. In a few weeks, you could be slicing your very own scarlet bellend into a sexy stir fry!

When you’re ready to repot your plants into something more fitting, the magical eco-friendly cube will slowly decompose and turn into valuable coconut fibre fertiliser, enriched with all sorts of stuff that makes the chillies fully erect big and handsome!



  • Grow your own dick shaped chillies
  • Looks exactly like the real thing, just a bit redder
  • Contains everything you need except water
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 cm

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