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Grow Your Own Aloe Vera


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Hello, my name is Aloe Vera. I am a succulent, and belong to the Asphodel family.

I am originally from the Arabian Peninsula.Today I am grown all over the world, this is mainly due to the many uses . I am used for drinks, sunscreen, wound care, and cosmetics.

My thick leaf grows from the base and reaches a maximum height of about 60cm and 8cm wide at the base, after which it forms into a point. My leaves are pressed together and are blue-green in color.

Because my origin is in the Arab part of the world, I need little moisture. This is because I can store water in my gelatinous leaves. Don’t give me too much water, especially in the colder months I can go weeks without water.

You can place me anywhere between partial shade and full sun. I can tolerate a lot of direct sunlight, something I learned in my home country.

Place the coco tablets in the pot and pour 200 ml of water on it. Plant two seeds as deep as they are large, make sure the seeds are completely covered with soil.Cover the pot with cling film and put the pot in a warm, bright place. Keep the soil moist during the germination process. Wait, the germination of this plant takes 2 to 4 weeks


  • Kit with plant pot, cocoa tablets and seeds

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