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Heated Huggable Unicorn


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Hot water bottles are not exactly magical. The one lying around the house is usually over ten years old; stuffed in a tatty fur cover stinking of ageing rubber. Lovely. You need to add a little enchantment and wonder to those cold wintry nights, with the Heated Huggable Unicorn.
Not only is this fairy-tale creature blessed with an exquisite lavender scent; it's also filled to the brim with magic beans which heat up in the microwave to keep it nice and toasty for hours on end. Flowing technicolour tail strands, a yellow heart stitched into its rump and a pleasingly soft horn – what more could you ask for in a fantastical pony companion?
It's also ludicrously cuddly and warm, with a powerful look of longing in its eyes that may make it difficult to put down.


  • Stays toasty for hours
  • Filled with magic beans that heat up in the microwave
  • Exquisite lavender scent
  • Soft-core horn so it won't poke your eye out
  • Dimensions: 29 x 32 x 4 cm

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