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Huggable Mellow Cat


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Meet Mellow Cat, your new cozy companion!

If you don't have a real cat as a pet that spoils you with its warmth when it lies on your tummy, then take this adorable, huggable feline friend on your lap and unwind in comfort. Simply heat up the Mellow Cat on a plate in the microwave, and let the soothing magic begin. The gentle warmth from the organic grains and calming lavender will keep you cozy and relaxed for hours.

Perfect for easing aches and pains, this 100% organic product combines the benefits of natural ingredients with the charm of a cute, cuddly cat. Whether you're seeking relief from stress or just looking to snuggle up, Mellow Cat is here to bring warmth and tranquility to your day.


  • Cuddle up to the huggable cat
  • Heat it up in the microwave
  • With magical grains and lavender
  • This 100% organic product
  • Will ease your aches and pains
  • Dimensions: 26 x 20 cm
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