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In den Sack gehauen Advent Calendar


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That's it for Claus! His fondness for Christmas cookies had serious consequences for him. These 24 pitch black Misfortune Cookies were simply too much for the white bearded guy. Now he is in the PatHOHOHOlogy - and that in the pre-Christmas season! Who wouldn't let that spoil the mood?

Save Claus by opening one of the 24 doors every day and taking out a cookie with its dark humorous contents. From mischievous imprecations and malicious insults to gloomy future prospects, you'll find everything you don't need. No wonder that they have given him the rest. Are you stronger?

An additional surprise awaits you on the 24th!


  • The perfect Christmas calendar for Christmas grouches
  • Filled with Misfortune Cookies
  • Language: German
  • 120 x 4 x 50 cm
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