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Inflatable Outdoor Sofa


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This exceptional Inflatable Outdoor Sofa is made of lightweight Oxford 210T polyester and resembles a feather-light parachute. When camping, hiking, at music festivals or at the beach, this inflatable sofa is your ultimate companion.

The ergonomically shaped headrest offers optimal support for the upper back and neck, while providing a cosy angle for reading or surfing on your mobile phone. The luxuriously soft and comfortable material makes for a delightful siesta or quiet reading session.

In windy weather, simply open the bag and point it into the wind to inflate the sofa. You don't need a pump! Just let the air flow in, then roll up the closure and secure it with the clip.

The inflatable sofa comes with a handy carry bag for you to store and transport it comfortably


  • No air pump required
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Maximum supported weight: Up to 200 kg
  • Size: 70 x 0.5 x 240 cm

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