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Instant Regret Vodka


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If you thought you already made a crazy face after drinking a glass of tequila, you're wrong. So wrong!

Pour yourself a few sips of this dark and devilish liquid, give one last nervous toast and get ready to feel the fires of hell coursing through your guts.

How many Scovilles does Instant Regret Vodka have? Unfortunately, the manufacturer has taken a vow of silence. Even after asking several times, he doesn't disclose anything. Presumably because they are afraid of the beast they have created. Is it possible to reach a billion Scovilles? Then they might have done it. It really tastes like it!

Do you dare?


  • Ridiculously hot chilli vodka
  • Likely to cause intense pain along with scorching hot hiccups
  • 200 ml bottle
  • Dark and evil-looking liquid
  • Comes in a sleek matte-black gifting tube with red foiled embellishments
  • 40% ABV
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