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Everyone loves sushi, but we tend to get mixed up about the different types. Now we are going to attempt to spread some light on the matter. Sushi is a dish made of rice and vinegar, which is usually combined with fish or shellfish and is generally small (bite size). We have Makis, with rolled rice and fish, Nigiri, fish on a little bed of rice and temaki, a seaweed cone filled with rice and fish.


Eating sushi is a science! To eat sushi with style, first you must learn how to use chopsticks. Don’t despair, it’s just a matter of practice. After preparing those delicious makis and overcoming the chopstick difficulties, we need pickled ginger, wasabi to taste, soy sauce and good company. Enjoy your meal!


  • Lekue sushi kit
  • Sushi kit includes: Rice&Grain Cooker, Makisu and RicePaddle
  • Includes recipe leaflet
  • Materials: Platinum Silicone, PBT and Nylon
  • Height 17.8 cm
  • Diameter 13.1 cm
  • Capacity 1000 ml

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