Litter Kwitter


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You love your cat – the furry, purring bundle of joy. But you hate their litter tray – the stinking mess in the corner of your kitchen. If only you could have one without the other?
Meet the next logical evolution in feline domestication – the Litter Kwitter. With this radical 3-step training system you can now teach your beloved kitty to hop up on the toilet and do its business like a real human (if humans had four legs and long tails which they used for stability). Nice and clean. Dignified. The way it should have been for centuries.
It may sound like a joke, but thank the heavens it isn't – the Litter Kwitter has been developed with animal behaviourists, vets and cat breeders to make sure that it works alongside your cat's natural instincts. Simply fit the universal base plate to your toilet seat and attach the three training discs, which are then progressively removed as your cat becomes more familiar with relieving themselves on your loo.
Put an end to the daily rigmarole of emptying feline muck out of the tray – no more spending your hard-earned cash on cat litter, no more germs being traipsed around your home, no more "exquisite" L'eau De Chat aroma. Just you and your cat, using the toilet together in perfect harmony.
All that's left is to find a way to teach them how to flush!


  • Three-step cat toilet training
  • Fits all toilets (unless yours has a ludicrously abstract shape)
  • No mess, no germs, no smells, no hassle!
  • Three-step program that takes around two weeks
  • Endorsed by animal welfare organisations
  • Save precious money on litter
  • No more stinking litter trays
  • Includes instructional DVD
  • You never know, give it time and you might catch them up on the sink having a gentleman's wet shave
  • Dimensions: 41 x 40 x 7 cm

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