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You could argue that a balloon is a lot like a healthy, loving relationship. It takes a little bit of blowing to get things started, then it gradually fills with those warm floaty feelings and eventually you've probably got to tie the knot (and all it takes is one prick to come along and ruin it all!).
With this in mind, we can think of no better way to convey your unspoken emotions than with the Love Bites Balloons. Printed with three frank and romantic slogans, these indecent inflatables harness the charming power of good old-fashioned honesty.
When it comes to "love" there's no use beating around the bush or leaving them to guess how you really feel; so if you can't say it yourself, make things crystal clear with these sweary balloons.


  • A simple and colourful way to reveal your innermost feelings
  • Cut to the chase. Win their heart
  • 12 indecent inflatables printed with 3 blunt and romantic slogans
  • Fill them with helium or just your own heavy and seductive breath
  • Pack of 12 frank and romantic balloons:
    • 4x Hot Pink – I BLOODY LOVE YOU
    • 4x Light Pink – DAMN YOU'RE FINE
    • 4x White – LET'S F*CK
  • Balloons inflate to approximately 25cm

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