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What's the best part about making a tasty coffee? Is it spending ten minutes scraping out a filthy cafetiere? Pulling a muscle whilst plunging down on an Aeropress? Or maybe it's calling out an engineer to fix that infernal £1000 machine?
The humble pursuit of enjoying a hot cup of caffeinated heaven has become needlessly overcomplicated and it's time to take things back to basics. Meet the Mini Coffee Press – the smallest and simplest coffee maker ever conceived. It's perfectly pocket-sized and doesn't use filters or batteries so it's pretty damned economical too.
Just fill the little chamber to the top with fresh coffee grounds, place the device into a mug of boiling water, let it sit for around 4 minutes and then plunge a number of times until the coffee is to your taste. Simple.


  • The World's Most Portable Coffee Maker
  • Fits perfectly into a pocket or bag
  • Ideal for camping/travelling or at home/in the office
  • Super easy to use and clean
  • This little device is grounds for divorce from your current expensive machine or cafetiere

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