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Nano Shield is the solution for poor visibility when driving in the rain. The water-repellent film is very easy to apply to the windscreen yourself. It has already made more than 4000 people in the Netherlands happy!

You can compare the Nano Shield with a water-repellent spray or coating, because the effect is almost the same or even better. The advantage of a Nano Shield is that you only have to apply it once and it lasts longer than a spray, for example.

On a normal windscreen, the water droplets remain, which leads to poor visibility when driving in the rain. Nano Shield is made of a smooth and water-repellent material that makes the droplets roll off. The product works best when the entire surface is wet. Your driving experience will be more enjoyable and most importantly, much safer!


  • 1x Nano shield
  • 1x anti-dust cloth
  • 1x alcohol wipe
  • 1x air bubble remover
  • 3x guide stickers to help with positioning
  • Dimensions: 35 x 20cm

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