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Ocean Projector Pot


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Are you looking for a little more relaxation in your living room, or would you like to create a relaxing vibe in the bedroom? The Ocean Projector Pot ensures that relaxation comes easily, since you can see the water appear on the ceiling. Connect your MP3 player using the included cable and make sure you can both take the time to unwind. The Ocean Projector Pot is waterproof and also suited to use in your bathroom, although the automatic snooze makes it perfect to fall asleep with as well.


  • New mini-wave projection lamps, modeling simple, easy to use
  • Projected swinging light like a ocean surface makes you relax at bath room or living room
  • Power by 4 AA batteries, also supports external USB and 4.5V DC plug
  • It is also a small stereo speaker, allows you to enjoy the beautiful environment, but also can enjoy the wonderful music
  • Dimension: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 12.5cm

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