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Oyster Mushroom Growing Set

Discover the fascinating world of mushroom growing with this Oyster Mushroom Growing Set! This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to grow delicious oyster mushrooms in the comfort of your own home.

The set includes high-quality oyster mushroom sprouts and all the materials you need to create optimal conditions for growing these tasty mushrooms. The included detailed instructions guide you step by step through the entire process and enable even inexperienced growers to successfully grow mushrooms.

Certain conditions are required for the oyster mushrooms to thrive. Ensure that the environment is regularly moist, whether through rain or high humidity. Place the growing set in a shady location to create the ideal growing environment. Provide warmth and ensure that the mushrooms receive sufficient oxygen. These simple conditions create the perfect environment for successful mushroom cultivation.

Enjoy the flavour of home-grown oyster mushrooms in your dishes and experience the satisfaction of having created something of your own.


  • Growing grey oyster mushrooms at home
  • For one to two shoots
  • Organic quality
  • With all the necessary materials and detailed instructions

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