Pac-Man Lamp


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You need this Pac-Man Lamp!

A few things we tell you now will help you to agree.

Within 15 months of its release in the US, Namco/Bandai sold more than 100,000 arcade machines and fans spent more than $1 billion, igniting this phenomenon of pop culture.

Pac-man is the most famous video character of all time!

The game is a metaphor for life because it is essentially unwinnable. It just gets harder and harder and faster until you die. Just like in life.

It was originally called "Puck-Man" in Japanese, but people were worried that some funny guys might replace the P with an F on the machines, so they changed its name. These spoilsports.

He looks like he has jaundice, he is haunted by supernatural forces, he craves "power" pills and clearly has an eating disorder.

Look, I told you you'd agree with us. You need this Pac-Man Lamp.


  • Officially licensed Pac-Man Lamp
  • 12 iconic Pac-Man game sound effects
  • Remote control dimmer
  • Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 21 cm

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