Pasta Maker


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Is there a better smell in the kitchen than freshly made pasta, cakes, cookies, or bread?

With this Pasta Maker you can create that gorgeous taste and smell time  without any fuss or mess. With a knead dough function, the machine can transform your flour into a fluffy dough ready to be used to concoct all varieties of pasta, bread, cakes, cookies and much more.

The machine also includes patented features such as a vertical extrusion that stops the pasta from sticking together and a fan drying function that helps to speed up the drying process as the pasta is ejected.

The machine is low noise, easy to clean and use, and churns out deliciously fresh goodies with little fuss in a speedy six minutes!


  • Knead dough function
  • Can be used to make pasta, bread, cakes, cookies and more
  • Vertical extrusion prevents pasta from sticking together
  • Fan drying speed up the drying process
  • Makes noodles, pasta and spaghetti in just six minutes
  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise (Just 60db!)
  • Digital LED screen
  • Capacity: 300g flour / 150ml water

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