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PawCare greatly improves the well-being of your pet and hygiene in your household.


  • PawCare Zip bag (6 pack) 100 ml x6
  • Veterinary experts: "It works and heals."
  • Helps against allergies - small wounds - irritations of the paws
  • Eliminates germs and harmful particles in between pads
  • Antiseptic properties - moisturizing - enhances cell regeneration
  • Naturally active ingredients

How to use:

Take PawCare out of the resealable zip bag.
(Tip: First use a towel to clean the paws if they are very dirty or wet)

Gently press the paw into the compound for 2-3 seconds. Dirt, germs and other harmful particles in between the pads are absorbed and the paws naturally cared for.

Repeat the action on all paws as needed.

Put PawCare back into the zip bag after use and reseal properly until the next application. PawCare can be re-used for one week after first opening the zip bag. Dispose of in household waste thereafter.


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