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Pechkeks - Bad Luck Cookies


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Black by popular demand and ready to dish out brutal truths, dark prophecies and completely unhelpful advice.

You’ve served your guests a delicious three course dinner, the cheese is warming, the coffee is brewing – time to blindside everyone with a few brutal truthbombs.

Misfortune Cookies are a hilariously spiteful way to end your meal. As black as the humour inside them, these tasty after-dinner treats are modelled on traditional Chinese fortune cookies – only Misfortune Cookies come bearing nothing but bad news, dark prophecies and barefaced insults.

A bitter pill to swallow, if they weren’t so damned scoffable, each delightfully dark cookie is individually wrapped with its own monster motif on the front. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


  • Black fortune cookies bearing messages of ill will
  • Dark prophecies, brutally honest, mercilessly funny
  • Great Dinner Party Present
  • Fully Edible
  • Made in Germany

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