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R2-D2 Desk Vacuum


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Get a little help from everyone's favourite astromech droid to keep your desk in tip top condition. A miniature version the popular Star Wars character R2-D2, this desktop vacuum cleaner is perfect for keeping on top of all those small table top jobs. At 13.5cm tall, R2-D2 will vacuum up dust and crumbs through his front leg, and has a screw-top lid making him easy to empty once full.
R2-D2 soon became one of the most enduringly popular Star Wars characters. Brave, useful, quirky and cute (in a three legged faceless robot kind of way), he stood up to the Galactic Empire and helped Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi fight Darth Vader and defeat the Dark Side.
Now R2 is putting all that experience to good use to take on his biggest challenge yet – tackling the mess you make at your workstation!
USB powered, the R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum comes with a micro USB cable that can be plugged into  any standard laptop USB port or USB mains adapter. The vacuum is activated by pushing the button situated on R2-D2's head.

Features :

  • Adorable R2D2 desktop vacuum
  • Works through included USB cable
  • Button on his head to turn him on
  • Screw top lid to dispose of waste
  • Feel the force of his cleaning power
  • 12cm Tall

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