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Trying to look your best and keep your unruly facial hair in check is an expensive business, because new razor blades are simply not cheap.

Gillette and co say that a typical razor blade lasts only five weeks before it's no longer usable. But it turns out most of the time the blades aren't even blunt, they're just clogged up with lots of hair, dead skin and other bathroom detritus. Remove this unwanted surface gunk and the blades beneath are still good to go, and can be used again and again!

Thankfully the Gentleman's Choice Razor Sharpener is here to extend the life of your razor by up to four times, save your money, and protect the environment! Simply add a splash of water and/or shaving cream and run your razor across the textured silicone pad to ensure everything stays razor sharp.


  • Extend the life of your razor blades by up to four times
  • Keep your blades razor sharp, save the environment and save money!
  • Made from eco-friendly, waterproof bamboo with a textured silicone pad
  • Comes with a handy rope cord so you can hang it in the bathroom
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 14.5 x 1.5cm

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