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Refill Kit X-Mas Beer


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Christmas beers, also known as Christmas ales, often feature flavors of chocolate, roasted malt, gingerbread or even cookies. They are generally very flavorful. The color of these beers ranges from amber to dark brown. They are not very bitter, but leave room for sweet and spicy notes. (Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger...).

This is a refill kit. If you need utensils for brewing beer, please buy a complete brewing kit.


  • 1.560kg of crushed barley malt ( Vienna, Munich, Cara Ruby, Chocolate).
  • 4.8g Hallertauer Herbrucker hops in pellets
  • 12g Tettnang hops in pellets
  • 1.5g spice mixture (cinnamon, star anise, coriander, ginger...)
  • 1 packet of yeast S04 (4g)
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