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Refill Set Brown Porter


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Light to dark brown in colour, porter is a type of beer that belongs to the ales family.
It was first brewed in Ireland in the 1780s using roasted brown malt and moderately bitter hops. This type of beer was later very fashionable among London brewers.

Today, there are several varieties of porter: Brown Porter, Robust Porter, Baltic Porter, Smoked Porter.... Like Robust Porter, Brown Porter usually has roasted aromas, but is a little sweeter and has a lower alcohol content (between 4 and 5.4%). You can sometimes taste chocolate or caramel notes, as for the bitterness, it is present but often remains moderate.

This is a Refill Set. You can also find the complete beer brewing kit including fermentation container and other utensils in our shop.


  • 1 complete brewing instruction
  • 1 bag of steriliser (50g)
  • 1.425 kg of ground barley and oat malt (Pale, Black, Crystal, Oat, Munich, Cara Ruby)
  • 5 g TARGET hop granulate
  • 10 g EAST KENT GOLDING hops in pellets
  • 1 bag of yeast S04 (4g)

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