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RescueTec Recovery Solution for Pocket Electronic Devices


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Rescuetec - the lightweight pack that absorbs liquid and helps recover mobile phones and electronic devices.

1. TURN THE POWER OFF IMMEDIATELY If the device has not already switched off. Do not try turning the device on if it has shut down.
2. Remove the protective case where possible, and take out the battery and sim card. With an iPhone or similar, where removing the back is difficult, the following instructions may still be carried out with the phone intact. IMPORTANT: If the device has been subject to liquids other than clean water, such as beverages, salt water, swimming pools or any other contaminated liquid, rinse the parts THOROUGHLY in CLEAN water before proceeding. Use a bowl or slow running tap rather than excessive flow.
3. Using paper towel or similar, dry any visible moisture from the components, particularly the battery and inside of the device if accessible.
4. Open the RescueTec pack, in which you will find a RescueTec sachet and indicator. The indicator spots should be blue and will turn pink on exposure to moisture. Place all the components of your device into the pack along with the sachet and indicator with the blue indicator dots facing outwards, away from the components. Reseal, ensuring the package is sealed tightly.
5. Leave the sealed pack at room temperature for at least 48 hours. For iPhones and devices which have been unable to be dismantled, we recommend leaving for a further 12 hours.
6. Open the pack and immediately check the indicator. If any of the spots appear pink, replace all components into the pack, reseal and leave for a further 24 hours. Repeat if necessary.
7. When all the indicator spots are blue, your device is completely dry and can be repowered. REPOWERING BEFORE COMPLETELY DRY MAY CAUSE DAMAGE.

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