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Retro Tattoo Fund Money Box

Are you saving up for your next tattoo? Then the Retro Tattoo Fund Money Box is just the thing for you! Immerse yourself in the fascination of traditional, iconic tattoo motifs, including the timeless heart, the steadfast anchor, the free-spirited swallow and the adventurous sailing ship.

This money box features a clever glass window that invites you to go beyond conventional saving. Think of this space as a canvas where you can not only store your money, but also live out your artistic ambitions. Capture your tattoo sketches and concepts and let them live in the box to inspire you every day.

This money box transforms everyday saving into a visual and artistic experience that brings you one step closer not only to your dreams, but also to your reality.


  • Material: MDF & glass
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 7 cm

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