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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of these Sensory Stepping Timers, where visual delights and soothing sensations await. This set includes three distinctive hourglasses, each designed to provide unique sensory satisfaction and practical functionality. 

The two dual-colored hourglasses, in enchanting shades of red and blue, as well as pink and yellow, introduce an array of visual delights as the oil gracefully cascades from top to bottom. A single-colored gem in green, adorned with a purple spinner, adds a whimsical twist to the sensory journey. These hourglasses are perfect for individuals of all ages, making them a wonderful gift for friends, family, or yourself.

Safety is paramount, and our hourglasses are thoughtfully designed with non-toxic oil to ensure they're suitable for use around children. Rest easy knowing that our hourglasses are securely sealed to prevent any unwanted leakage, guaranteeing a lasting and enjoyable experience.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these Sensory Stepping Timers serve multiple purposes. They are valuable tools for sensory integration activities, helping individuals engage with their sensory experiences in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, the gentle flow of oil from top to bottom offers a calming effect, making them an excellent choice for stress relief and relaxation.


  • Set of 3 Designs
  • Fun for all
  • Calming effect
  • Multifuncitional
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Height: 14.5 cm

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