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Shark Salt and Pepper Shakers


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Shark Week just got a little spicier

These Shark Salt and Pepper Shakers are a little different than normal sharks. You see, sharks are notoriously undemanding about food. They'll eat anything that floats into their mouths, even a boot, a buoy or an expressionist painting. These ceramic salt and pepper sharks care about flavor. Use these in your kitchen, and transform the simple act of seasoning your meat into a vicious shark attack!

To use these correctly, you'll have to circle your food with them for a while, holding one shaker in each hand while humming the theme to Jaws. Have the sharks get closer and closer to your mashed potoes, speeding up the music and getting louder as they approach. Then, let one of the sharks bump the food - this is the sign that the sharks are ready to season. After that, scream loudly and have the sharks swoop in on the food, pretending to consume it as they empty their contents onto it. Stop when you have reached the appropriate level of salt and pepper. At this point, everyone at the table will be staring at you and you'll have to apologize, but it will be totally worth it.


  • Set of 2 ceramic shakers
  • Fill with salt & pepper
  • Turn seasoning into a shark attack
  • Each shark is 4.4 cm x 4.4 cm x 6.4 cm tall

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