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Shot Roulette combines every gentlemen’s favourite two pastimes, drinking and gambling, in one exhilarating game. Shot Roulette is the perfect way to spend the evening with your mates; just add the alcoholic beverages of your choice.

Shot Roulette contains a roulette wheel, two roulette balls and 16 numbered shot glasses. To play Shot Roulette; simply fill each of the shot glasses, spin the wheel and drop one of the roulette balls onto the wheel as it’s spinning. When the ball lands on a number the corresponding shot must be taken. If the glass is already empty, the player misses a turn. The game is over once all the shots have been taken.

To make Shot Roulette more interesting you can vary the levels and contents of each glass or even use both roulette balls so two shots have to be taken on each turn! Please ensure alcohol is enjoyed responsibly.

Shot Roulette is part of the Gentleman’s Club range – a range of accessories to help today’s young gentleman find his way in society.


  • Contains 16 numbered shot glasses
  • Great for parties and stag do's
  • Looks like a real roulette wheel
  • Easy gameplay
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 4 cm

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