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Even though sloths move as if in slow motion, or hang relaxed on a branch all the time, they are absolutely adorable. With the Sloth Planter you can now have your own sloth in your home to admire.

This planter is shaped like a sloth and is designed to sprout chia plants inside, whose seeds are included in the package. Just rub them into the flower pot, water them, wait about as long as it takes a sloth to do something, and then enjoy a chia-covered sloth!

This sloth makes a great gift for sloth fans and anyone who needs a little greenery and a cute face to spice up their home!


  • It’s an adorable sloth planter!
  • Grow chia seeds to cover the sloth
  • They’ll grow faster than a sloth takes to have breakfast
  • Chia seeds are included
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 cm

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