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Branston Pickle, Nutella, Mango Chutney, even Marmite. All undeniably distinguished spreads, but they're missing one crucial ingredient – BEER.
Well salvation is here because an ingenious collaboration between an Italian chocolate maker and an Italian beer brewer has resulted in this life-changing jar of Spreadable Beer. The perfect boozy accompaniment for cheeses and hors d'oeuvres, you can smother it liberally on toast or just chug it down like an excitable student.
This magnificent spread contains 40% beer, possesses a sticky yet smooth texture and an irresistible hoppy scent. Just crack it open and take your first baby steps towards a glorious utopian diet that consists solely of beer.


  • Finally you can eat the stuff!
  • Sticky yet smooth texture
  • Delicious hoppy scent
  • Wonderfully delicate beer flavour
  • Is made up of 40% beer (but does not contain alcohol)
  • 280g of delicious spread
  • Full ingredients: Atla Quota Greta beer (40%), sugar, glucose syrup dried powder, vegetable fibre, maltodextrin, thickeners: modified starch, E406, E440, E330, preservative: E203
  • Does not contain alcohol

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