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Spreadable Mulled Wine

There can't be enough mulled wine in the Christmas season! If you feel like it in the morning, this year you can even serve it on your breakfast toast.

This delicious Spreadable Mulled Wine consists of jam, red wine and your favourite festive spices. But you can also fill Christmas cookies with it, add a good spoon of it to your gravy, refine party cocktails or just eat it straight out of the jar.


  • Mulled wine that you can spread
  • Marmalade meets red wine and spices
  • 225g jar
  • INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Lemon, Orange, Red wine (3%) port, ginger, chilli, citric acid, spice, absolute oil (trace)
  • Total sugar 60g/100g
  • Prepared with 48g of fruit per 100g.

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