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HD ready televisions, the final frontier. These are the escapades of the Star Trek: Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control. Its mission: to explore strange new channels, to seek out old Star Trek reruns and appalling new reality TV shows, to boldly watch what no man has watched before.
Painstakingly 3D scanned from the last remaining Phaser prop in existence, used nearly 50 years ago by William Shatner in his role as Captain James T. Kirk, this ridiculously detailed 1:1 screen-accurate replica is as close as it gets to wielding the real thing.
It’’s not just a fine collectable model to leave proudly on the shelf – it's also a fully programmable gesture-based universal remote control. Using advanced infra-red technology to control everything from TVs and DVD players to stereos and iPod docks, you'll be able to change channels and adjust volume with the flick of a wrist or turn of a dial.
For die-hard Trekkies, the sheer number of highly intricate features this classic Starfleet weapon possesses is an absolute feast to behold. To name but a few:

  • Detachable MK I Phaser unit
  • Removable side door to reveal an illuminated dilithium crystal power cell
  • Plays a wide range of original series Phaser and Star Trek sound effects
  • Lights up and vibrates when fired

Presented in its own rugged and foam-lined weapons crate, the casing is designed to stack as if it came right out of the original Enterprise armoury. It's even printed with a blank name plate ready for you to make it your own, and with a sleek metal stand, you won't be losing it down the back of the sofa in a hurry.
The only thing it can't do is actually vaporise alien life forms... or your family members with terrible TV viewing tastes.


  • Arm yourself with the ultimate Star Trek prop replica collectable
  •  Control your TV, iPod & other gadgets with multiple gestures
  •  Painstakingly highly-detailed and accurate to the original
  •  3D scanned from the last remaining Phaser prop in existence
  •  Lovingly hand-polished die-cast metal parts
  •  Officially licensed by CBS
  •  Detachable Type I Phaser unit
  •  Plays a wide range of original series Phaser and Star Trek sounds
  •  Cannot actually be used to vaporise alien lifeforms

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