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Stress Face Stress Ball


7.95 CHF

Just let the stress go by squeezing the hell out of this happy little blob with his cheeky face in the shape of the quintessential executive toy!

This handy squidgy ball can be held under the board room table as you squeeze away when being allocated tasks you know aren't in your job description.Or take a break from grappling with that tricky spreadsheet and give him a squeeze and he'll ease you in times of stress! 

Wring it, squash it, thump it, do whatever it takes, but we promise, by the time you're finished, you'll have forgotten what had put you in such a rage in the first place!


  • Squeeze it to relieve stress at the office or at home
  • Ideal executive gift to give to a work colleague
  • Crazy squishy texture
  • Measures 6.5cm in diameter
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