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Create your own unique and beautiful sun photos with our Sun Paper! This innovative product allows you to print your own photographs without using any chemicals - simply place items on the sun paper, expose it to sunlight, and watch as your composition transforms into a stunning, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Each package contains 10 sheets of sun paper, so you can experiment with different designs and compositions. Try arranging leaves, flowers, feathers, or any other objects you like, and see how they come to life in the sunlight.

Using the sun paper is easy - all you need is a sunny day and a little bit of creativity. First, place your objects on the sun paper and leave it in the sun for a few minutes. The sun paper will gradually turn white where it's exposed to the sun, while the covered areas will remain blue.

Once you've exposed the sun paper, carefully remove the objects and rinse the paper with water. The blue areas will wash away, leaving behind a beautiful and unique sun photo. You can then let the paper dry and frame it, or use it in any other creative way you like.

Our Sun Paper is also perfect for artists, photographers, and anyone who loves to experiment with new techniques and materials. It's a great activity for kids and adults alike, providing hours of fun and creativity. So why wait? Start creating your own stunning sun photos today!


  • Only needs solar power
  • Contains 10 sheets of photo paper
  • Develop your own photos with just water
  • Age: 3+

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