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The Tamagotchi Mug does not beep and makes no other sounds, which we find very pleasant, because let's face it, the 90's Tamagotchi could be quite annoying!
This mug is still a loving homage to our first virtual pet. Fill the cup with a hot beverage of your choice, and a short time later, a charming baby Tamagotchi appears in the small window.

This time you don’t need to keep cleaning up its poo or making it play silly mini games to keep it alive. You do not have to feed and hug it this time, or play silly minigames to keep it alive. It’ll just gently fade away as you drain its source of life: a hot drink.


  • Tamagotchi mug
  • Officially licensed
  • Changes colour and design when you add hot water
  • A little baby Tamagotchi appears!
  • Made of durable ceramic
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 3.8 cm

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