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The Artisan Colour Changing Gin Kit


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In the past, if you wanted to entertain with magic tricks, you had to spend hours shuffling cards, smuggling coins behind your ears and stuffing rabbits into hats. Now, all you have to do is sit back and let this magic gin set do its job to make your audience awe-inspiring.

It contains almost everything you need to make five 500ml bottles of blue magic gin, which turns pink as soon as you add tonic. This is guaranteed to create a wow effect at your next party.

Normally wizards don't reveal their secrets, but in this case we're happy to make an exception. The secret is the dried petals of the butterfly pea, which is native to Asia. And besides their colour-changing properties, the flowers have another advantage - they have hardly any taste of their own, so your favourite gin will taste as good as ever!


  • Make colour changing gin
  • Turn regular gin blue, then add tonic to turn it pink
  • Just add gin
  • For 5 x 500ml bottles gin
  • Each batch takes 12 hours to develop
  • Contains: 500 m glass bottle, stainless steel funnel, tin of butterfly pea flowers, instructions
  • With bonus recipe for a magic colour changing slushie
  • Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 13 cm

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