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The Great Garden Gnome Massacre


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The Great Garden Gnome Massacre – what a momentous day that was. Thousands of tasteless lawn ornaments perished. Red hats and fishing rods torn asunder. Patios and flowerbeds strewn with little ceramic limbs as this gargantuan beast laid down the law.
Some have named it the 'anti-gnome,' others brand it 'Gnomezilla' – we think it looks suspiciously like the Chewitt Monster. Call it what you like; with snarling jaws full of razor-sharp teeth and scales made from a weather-proof polyresin, you can use this merciless creature to keep your garden free from those tacky bearded elves.


  • Celebrate a momentous fictional event
  • Use this merciless beast to ward off tacky garden ornaments
  • Some call it the 'anti-gnome'
  • Cast from a weather-proof polyresin
  • Looks suspiciously like the Chewitt Monster
  • Dimensions: 21 x 26.5 x 18 cm

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