Tiki Glasses


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That's right, kitsch 50's Hawaiian chic is back with a steel-drummed fanfare and Tiki Glasses are taking the world by storm. No longer seen as novelty barware, these distinctive vessels are now a key component in the latest craft cocktail and mixology trends.
Everyone knows that cocktails are at least 90% presentation and only 10% flavour; with this set of four Tiki Glasses at your disposal you can finally take your Mai Tais to the next level – transforming them from exquisite Caribbean delights into mighty shamanic totems of booze!
Best of all, there's no need to head down to the beach or your local antiques market to enjoy these exotic glasses – you can get 'em right here!


  • Embrace the resurgence of kitsch 50's Hawaiian barware
  • Take your Caribbean cocktails to the next level
  • Set includes 4 glasses
  • Each glass holds 250ml of exotic cocktail

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