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Two Breathable Wine Glasses


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Good wine should be enjoyed in the perfect conditions, and as well as getting it to the right temperature, it should also be drunk from the right glass. To fully enjoy your wine you probably won't want to be swigging it from the bottle (even in an emergency) and yet waiting for it to "breathe" fully for an hour or two is really rather boring, and always feels a little O.T.T., especially if you only paid £4.99 for the bottle.

Nevertheless, breathing wine does make a difference to getting the best out of it, a considerable one, so how to avoid that interminable wait, and yet reap the benefit? Until now the rather snooty wine industry buffs have poo-poo'd all modern contraptions for speeding up the breathing process, but this invention has set the wine elite on fire. The Breathable Glass designers have come up with a top secret formula that not only greatly improves the "nose" (smell to you and me) of your wine, but renders any wine poured into the glass ready for drinking within a few minutes. This means you can enjoy that vintage bottle you've been hiding in the cellar for the last few years without clearing a huge window in your schedule. A few minutes in one of these glasses is the equivalent of it sitting in a decanter for one to two hours, and without any change to the wine's character and structure. Of course you don't need to be a wine lover to appreciate the genius of these glasses as they will work just as well with spirits and fruit juices, lifting the flavours head and shoulders above normal glasses. Discover just how great your wine can taste with the most revolutionary wine improver to hit the market in years.


  • Oxygenising treatment gives this glass its unique quality
  • Aerates wine in the glass 30 times quicker than a usual wine glass!
  • 2-4 minutes in the Breathable Glass will show signs of aeration equivalent to 1-2 hours in a normal wine glass
  • Improves the wine’s aroma and palate impression
  • The original character and structure of the wine are preserved
  • Can also lead to improvements in spirits, fruit juices and mineral water

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