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Ulla - Smart Hydration Reminder


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Ulla makes your water bottle smart, reminds you to fill-up and glows to keep you hydrated throughout your busy day.

Ulla automatically turns on when you enter the room in the morning and turns off at night when you go to sleep. It glows to remind you to refill your bottle with fresh water and drink. Ulla recognizes when you drink from your bottle, so it only reminds you to hydrate when needed.


  • Fits any water bottle or glass
  • Blinks only when you forget to hydrate (3 built-in sensors)
  • Follows an optimal hydration cycle (30-40 min)
  • Automatically turns on/off (vibration sensor)
  • Senses when you drink (tilt detection sensor)
  • Perfect for office environment (silent)
  • No charging for 6 months, replaceable battery


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