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Changes colour when you need more sunscreen!

UV Wonder Bands monitor uv ray exposure and change color to let you know when it is time to reapply sunscreen and when to get out of the sun. They start out nude color, turn purple when activated (this is the point where sunscreen is applied to yourself and the band), when it fades to a lavender color that is your reminder to reapply sunscreen (to both yourself and the band), finally if/when it reaches a cream color, you have reached your daily recommended exposure and should cover up or get out of the sun.


  • Changes colour when you need more sunscreen
  • Works with ALL suncreams SPF15 or above
  • Indications Disposable/ One Day Use
  • 10 bands


Before putting bands on, first apply sunscreen to exposed areas of skin following exact directions on sunscreen label. • Secure band on wrist (see images) with printed side up leaving enough space to insert 2 fingers between band and skin. • Expose band to direct sunlight. Band is now sun-activate. Dark purple color will appear and sunscreen should be applied to entire band at this time. Let sunscreen dry on band for 10 minutes before getting band wet. • When color begins changing to light purple, this is your reminder to reapply sunscreen to the band and exposed skin. Check your sunscreen label directions to see if you need to reapply. If you do, reapply to the band and exposed skin at the same time following exact application directions on sunscreen label. • When color changes to off-white/cream, get totally out of the sun or cover up sun-exposed skin. You have reached your maximum sun exposure for the day. The band has completed its monitoring cycle and should be recycled. Remove band by pulling narrow end out of slot and then pull through the round hole.

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