Vinnebago Thermos


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Why must every Thermos flask on the planet make you look like you're going on a jolly camping trip in the 70's? How are you meant to enjoy wine on the go? There's no class. No sophistication. Thankfully the cold-drink revolutionists behind the Corkcicle have finally addressed this tragic imbalance with the Vinnebago Cooler.
This sleek stainless-steel vessel isn't just a beautiful piece of design; it possesses a unique vacuum-sealed and triple-walled insulation that keeps your cold beverages perfectly chilled for 25 hours and hot drinks nice and steamy for 12 hours.
The matte black exterior stays at room temperature so you won't burn your hands or find dribbly condensation soaking everything in your bag. Naturally this classy canteen is capped off with leak-proof screw-top lid, but it also has a nice wide opening, so there's no need to use a funnel to decant your beverages.
There are some places where glass bottles either aren't allowed or just aren't a good idea – boats, beaches, the poolside, festivals, sports events. With the the Vinnebago at your disposal you can enjoy distinguished drinks wherever you are.


  • The sophisticated alternative to other tasteless flasks
  • Keeps your drinks ice cold for 25 hours or piping hot for 12 hours
  • Revolutionary vacuum-sealed and triple-walled insulation
  • Double-walled insulation will no longer suffice!
  • Made from sleek stainless steel with a beautiful matte black finish
  • Use it where glass bottles aren't allowed
  • 100% leak-proof lid, with a wide opening for easy decanting
  • 750ml (25oz) capacity
  • Dimensions: 10 x 33 x 10 cm

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