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Wake Up Black Tea Blending Kit - Tea it Yourself


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With the Wake Up Black Tea Blending Kit - Tea it Yourself you can create your own organic, curated blends of tea that meet your personal needs and preferences! Based in Montreal,Tea It Yourself was born from our belief in pursuinga healthy, natural lifestyle from a playful and creative perspective.

From English Breakfast to Earl Grey, this beautiful organic kit will inspire you to easily create your perfectly balanced black tea blend at home.

Wake up your senses! It contains everything you need to make up to 100 cups of your favorite classic black teas.


  • Steep up to 100 servings of tea
  • Contains 5 teas and 3 herbal ingredients
  • Helps you create custom tea blends and infusions
  • Includes durable glass Gaiwan
  • Easy-to-follow recipes and instructions
  • Assam Tea (1.6 oz) Keemun Tea (0.70 oz) Pu'erh Tea (0.70 oz) Ceylon Tea (0.56 oz) Lapsang Souchong Tea (0.53 oz) Bergamot & Lemon Peel (0.52 oz) Lavender Buds (0.11 oz) Rose Petals (0.04 oz)
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 x 14.5 cm

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