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White Connect Bleaching Kit


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With this Whiteconnect Bleaching Kit, you can easily whiten your teeth at home!

Apply the whitening gel generously to clean and dry teeth with the brush. Cover all teeth that are to be whitened. Connect the LED tray to the smartphone or computer via USB. Switch on the LED tray and start the whitening session. The tray switches off automatically after 20 min. You then only need to rinse your mouth and the tray.

Once opened, the gel has a shelf life of up to 12 months. Do not hold the cord under water.


  • Tooth tray
  • 3 teeth whitening pens (2ml gel per pen)
  • The attachments are compatible with I-phone / Android / Type C / USB
  • Ingredients whitening gel : propylene glycol, glycerin, carbomer, azelaic acid, urea peroxide, aqua, Mentha piperita oil.
  • Material : Silicone splint
  • Washable with water
  • Weight: 256g

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