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When Scott Farmer started working in a winery, he noticed that most restaurants were hesitant to offer his high-end wines for wine by the glass programs, because the owners were tired of pouring the good wines and thus their "profits" down the drain in the evenings. In fact, if a glass of an expensive wine is poured only every few days, the taste and aroma will change, which no airtight wine seal can prevent.

Scott noted that inert gas is used to preserve wine stored in barrels, tanks and wicker bottles. It consists of purified carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon. It is filled into the containers to prevent oxidation. This is how he came up with the idea of implementing this process for domestic use.

The Wine Preserver contains essentially air, only without oxygen. It is able to preserve an opened bottle for months up to years and preserve the taste. Through the long nozzle, the gas is introduced into the bottle where it replaces the existing air enriched with oxygen. Now the bottle only needs to be sealed airtight.

For every passionate wine lover this spray is as essential as a good corkscrew and a suitable glass.

The content of the bottle is sufficient for about 120 fillings.


  • Prevents oxidation
  • Preserves opened wine for month or years
  • 120 full uses
  • Untoxic and environmentally safe

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