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Winnie The Pooh Hand Warmers


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Embrace the cold with a smile, and let Winnie the Pooh keep your paws toasty and snug with these delightful Disney Winnie the Pooh-inspired reusable gel handwarmers! These charming hand warmers are not just a practical solution to cold hands; they're also a playful way to brighten your winter days.

Slip them into your pockets, and let the cold weather become a distant memory. When you need instant warmth, simply click the metal tab, and watch as they come to life, wrapping your hands in comforting heat.

These handwarmers are designed to be your trusted companions throughout the winter season. After use, reset them with ease by placing them in boiling water, and voilà, they're ready to keep you warm all over again. This sustainable approach ensures that you can enjoy their warmth again and again, reducing waste and saving you money.


  • inspired by Winnie The Pooh
  • Set of 2
  • lifesavers for the cold winter days
  • give instant heat
  • have reusable gel
  • compact size
  • cruelty-free

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