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Wooden Bat House


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Help fighting the bat decline! Bats habitats are being damaged and destroyed all the time. Finding food to eat and roosting places are becoming harder for them. With this Wooden Bat House, you can help by giving them a safe place to roost or hibernate. Backboard with gutters to help the bat climb up inside the shelter.

Simply hang the shelter high up in a tree or post away from noise and light.

For the best success of a bat accomodating the box, it should be at least 4 metres from the ground and on or around trees. Bats are nocturnal and adapted to low light conditions, so it is important to hang it away from artificial light. It can take some time before a bat finds and starts to occupy the shelter, so please be patient!


  • With slot hole for easy hanging from a nail or screw
  • Natural-looking and weather-resistant
  • Material: Firwood/Pine Wood
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 6.5 x 46.5cm

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