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Citronella Anti-mosquito Bracelet


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Tired of mosquitoes treating you like their personal buffet? Say goodbye to those pesky bloodsuckers with the Citronella Anti-Mosquito Braceelet! This isn't just any bracelet - it's your secret weapon against the insect invasion.

This sleek, watch-like bracelet not only looks cool, but keeps mosquitoes at bay with natural superhero ingredients like lemongrass, lavender and geranium. It's like having a force field of insect repellent right on your wrist or ankle.

Unlike chemical-laden alternatives, this bracelet is completely natural and safe, making it perfect for adults and children aged 3+. It also leaves a lovely scent that is much more pleasant than bug spray.

Whether you're hiking through the wilderness or lounging in your garden, it's time to reclaim your outdoor space and enjoy mosquito-free moments.


  • Elastic, flexible and adaptable
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Long lasting
  • Without side effects
  • Free of chemical and toxic products
  • Ideal for children and adults
  • Recommended age: + 3 years
  • Dimensions: Ø7 x 1 cm

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