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This 7-in-1 multi tool hair-clip is a must have for any fashion forward super hero.
Not only does the Clippa keep your hair from your eyes when you’re exhibiting moral excellence, honour, nobility, bravery and compassion, it also doubles up as trolley coin, wrench, ruler, cutter, small, large and Philips screwdriver.
There’s nothing quite like the annoyance of being mid-aerial cartwheel, your hair’s a mess and you just remembered you have yet to do that big Easter weekend shop. The worst part? You’re wearing lycra, the least accommodating material of all time. No pockets means no change for the trolley. You’re envisioning it now - the look of disappointment on mum’s face when you tell her no, it’s not Bisto. You’re so distracted you don’t land that downward roundhouse kick. Patient zero escapes. 8 days later more than 80% of the world’s population are infected by the virus, symptoms ranging from clumsiness, a disdain for hygiene, loss of heartbeat, and a penchant for the flesh of the living.
If only you’d been wearing the Clippa Mini Tool, ey?


  • Keeps hair off your face during battle
  • This tiny hairclip features screw drivers, trolley coin, ruler, wrench and cutter
  • Made of stainless steel

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