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Plant-based Activated Carbon


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This Plant-based Activated Carbon is ideal for filtering and purifying water in carafes and water bottles.

The granules are three times more adsorbent than conventional activated carbon. It acts like a magnet that naturally attracts toxic particles, whether in the water, air or body. Water is filtered in just 20 minutes, unlike activated charcoal sticks which have to work for 4-6 hours.


  • Alternative to charcoal sticks
  • Filters water in just 20 minutes
  • Set of 2 pouches of 30g of multifunctional activated carbon
  • Anti-humidity, anti-odour, water filter
  • Eliminates odours in cupboards, shoes or litter trays
  • Extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables
  • Reduces the spread of microorganisms, e.g. in aquaria

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